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Centennial Mining Processing Union Hill Material

Thursday, October 12, 2017
THE DRILL SERGEANT: Centennial Mining (ASX: CTL) announced it has reached Alliance South Shoot as the company continues the development of its 100 per cent-owned Union Hill underground gold mine in Victoria. 

Centennial Mining said the mechanised development underway at Union Hill had reached the Alliance South mineralisation on the 1060 level.

As a result, the first trial parcel of approximately 700 tonnes of material from the 1060 level was trucked to the Porcupine Flat processing facility and milling of that parcel commenced.

The company explained this material is a trial parcel to assess the grade of the lower grade area first intersected by development.

“Our aim is to continue adding to our portfolio of operating mines to ensure our targeted production profile is achieved, if not exceeded, and to reduce the risks of being a single mine company,” Centennial Mining executive chair Dale Rogers said in the company’s announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

“The Union Hill Mine is the closest ore source to our processing facility and was commenced using the company’s existing mining fleet, to reduce capital costs.

“Developing the decline down to the 1060 level in such a relatively short period of time is a credit to the maintenance and operating team at Union Hill.

“We set a lofty goal to have the Union Hill Mine producing early in the September Quarter.

“With it now producing we look forward to the improved flexibility of several ore sources in the December Quarter.”